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Background Information

Somali Women Vision was established in 1998 by a group of Somali women intellectuals in Garowe, Somalia. Puntland, Somali Women Vision (SWV) is a grassroots non-governmental, non-political organization, which was founded to respond to the needs of women and children  in particular and the community in general in the areas of Empowerment, education, human rights, Environment protection,  humanitarian aid, Health,  research, awareness raising of violence programs

Vision: swv is committed to working in partnership with communities to address humanitarian needs, improve livelihood, protection and to support overall peaceful, health and sustainable development.

Mission: To improve the living condition of Somali women, children and in general    community by strengthening their livelihood and protection situations and to contribute an overall improvement in the standard of living and quality of live for communities in Somalia.


To build  the capacity with grassroots women’s  in order  to learn their basic rights and to ,make them livelihood
To ensure sustainable food security and income generation   through production, infrastructure rehabilitation, cash based livelihood interventions and improved markets.
To establish strong link and communication between Somali women in sharing       experience, knowledge, peace, information, and enable them to support their efforts in making positive impact in the above areas
To enhance education skill training opportunities for women, children, youth and adults and to help to strengthen educational system and livelihood standards.
To improve access safe water, sanitation, hygiene facilities and facilitate acceptable standards of humanitarian services for displaced persons and refugees.
To counsel and support   victim of human rights abuse.

Goal: To create a society where women are actively involved and have equal opportunity and access to resources and control over their lives. To provide non-judgmental physical, emotional and economic support for women who have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence.

Geographical Area: The headquarter of SWV organization is in Garowe, and operate in all Puntland especially in all regions of northeast, Somalia. 

Core value

Team work

SWV Strategy for Program Implementation

  • SWV shall always encourage a participatory program implementation in which the women are always empowered.
  • SWV shall always initiate women, capacity building initiatives in the areas of program   implementation, rights, economic, management, education and governance.

SWV Governance 

SWV Somalia has defined structure including General Assembly, Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

The structure determines chain of command and hierarchy of responsibility within SWV

The general assembly is the highest decision making organ approving policies and reviewing achievement and plans

The Board of directors (B.O.D.) is the planning and policy making body of the organization which controlling and approving the all activities by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Director is the head of executive committee that is responsible for the implementation of the programs and daily management

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